10 surprisingly smallest cars ever made in the past

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 26, 2023

You never want to own a small car, at least not when you aim it to put that to use for your family. Moreover, it's easy to make an impressive car when it's large, luxurious and costly. But it takes a lot to produce a brilliant toddler. But they did exist. Here are 10 cars which will really leave you in awe

Austin Seven: Made in 1922, Austin Seven small and so good that BMW and French outfit Rosengart licensed the design, while Datsun just copied it

Fiat Topolino: Fiat was even smaller than Seven where only two people can sit and was powered by a tiny side-valve engine that displaced just 569cc and output 13bhp. The car was launched in 1936

Volkswagen Beetle: Beetle was a people's car that launched in 1938. This car laid the foundations for cheap motoring for the masses. Economical, practical and with a distinct shape, the Beetle was the longest-running car ever, with production running all the way from 1938 to 2003 – with sales of 21 million

Renault 4CV: Designed as a cheap people’s car for the French in 1947, the 4CV was nicknamed ‘the lump of butter’ due to its shape and the fact that many early models were painted with yellow German Afrika Korps paint left over from the Second World War

Volvo PV444: The small car that announced Volvo to a larger stage. American styling influenced the PV444, which was Volvo’s first unibody without a separate frame. The car was launched in 1947

Morris Minor: This iconic car was famous among Britishers. It was first produced in 1948 and ran for 25 years. It was the first British car to sell over one million. The Minor later spawned van, estate and convertible versions

Citroën 2CV: Production lasted over 40 years, with around four million built, and there's still a massive following for this small car. The car was launched in 1948

Fiat 600 Multipla: The Fiat 600-based Multipla was one of the smallest cars. It may be less than 12 feet long, but you could still squeeze six people. The first sale of the car was made in 1955

BMW 700: Can you believe it! BMW had a smaller version in 1959. This was a premium small car with good looks but it struggled to make any money

Ford Anglia: Remember that Harry Potter car? Ford Angelia, that launched in 1959 was a big hit

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