10 Places to visit in Puducherry ‘The Most Welcoming Region’ in India

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 02, 2023

White Town, also known as the 'French Quarter' is one of the most visited places in Puducherry. A few breathtakingly beautiful buildings in White Town are popular heritage sites in Pondicherry as they were built some 200 years ago

Paradise Beach, widely famous for its jaw-dropping scenery where one can relax and rejuvenate in serenity

Aurobindo Ashram is the perfect place to meditate and forget your stressful life. Founded by Sri Aurobindo Ghose in 1926, the ashram is dedicated to his vision of leading a simple and healthy life

Puducherry trip is incomplete without visiting Auroville. Nestled between Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, Auroville -the universal town of South India aims to create a progressive space where men and women of all countries can live together in peace and harmony

Serenity Beach is a serene and calming beach that gives a beatiful view of the of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is picture perfect with the palm trees, rocky patches, golden sand, blue sea, fishing boats

Lighthouse is a famous tourist attraction of the town. One can experience the gorgeous view of the coast from the top of the lighthouse

'Immaculate Conception Cathedral' is a beautiful 300-year-old church and among the oldest tourist places in Pondicherry

'Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple' is a 15th century pilgrimage site in Pondicherry. The temple has a magnificent idol of Lord Ganesha and intricately carved interiors painted in vibrant hues

French War Memorial is built-in the memory of brave martyrs who lost their lives in World War I

Chunnambar Boat House offers the perfect tropical vacation experience and is among the most visited place in Puducherry

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