10 Japanese Ways To Embrace Happy And Healthy Living

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 08, 2023

Ikigai: Reason for being: Define your purpose in life and reason to get up in the morning. Find your calling that you feel passionate about that can bring meaning to your life

Oubaitori: Never compare yourself: This concept refers to the different ways that each tree grows. It is the idea that just like each flower, every individual blossoms in their own time and ways

Kaizen: Continuous improvement: Changing for better is the key and constant improvement for efficiency and effectiveness will help improve your daily operations of life. The method was practiced in Japan after WW2

Wabi-Sabi: Admire imperfection: It means beauty in what is impermanent and imperfect. It is a Zen Buddhist concept of beauty seen through appreciating the imperfections in nature in which everything is impermanent. In personal means, graciously accepting your and others' flaws

Mottainai: Not being wasteful: Being too good to waste is what it refers to. It means everything deserves respect and gratitude thus not to waste

Kintsugi: The art of golden repair: Commonly correlated to the mending of broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer. The result is a stunning object due to the celebration of its flaws

Gaman: Dignity during duress: Patience, perseverance and tolerance are the keys to endure difficult situations with self-control and dignity. A Zen Buddhist teaching, Gaman is a strategy of remaining resilient and patient during hard times and is characteristic of emotional maturity

Shikata ga nai: Acceptance and letting go: When nothing can be done about a situation, one should have the acceptance about it. The term refers to the concept of accepting that which we cannot change and moving on

Yuugen: Beholding beauty in the unseen: It refers to the profound awareness of the beauty of the universe that surpasses explanation with words. It is thus the beauty we can feel in an object or being even if it is not beautiful in the literal sense of the word

Mono no aware: It is having an awareness of impermanence and feeling sentiments such as wistfulness at what has been and is no longer and thus appreciating ever-constant change and the reality of life

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