PHOTOS: 10 Exquisite Waterfalls Near Indore You Must Visit This Monsoon

By: Kajal Kumari | June 16, 2024

Monsoon is knocking the doors in Madhya Pradesh! The season is known for bringing beauty to not only lands but the rivers and waterfalls around us, specially in the Indore which encapsulate several exquisite falls.

1. Tincha Waterfall - Tincha Fall looks at it's full bloom during monsoon, when water falls from a height of 300 feet above the land. Distance from Indore: 23.9 km

2: Bamniya Kund Fall - You can also experience camping at this beautiful site. Distance from Indore: 34.4 km

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3: Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall - This is a fall that offers a dip in the pool, trekking and even an interesting story about how the place got the name 'Chidiya Bhadak'. Distance from Indore: 53.7 km

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4: Jogi Bhadak Waterfall - There's one more waterfall with an unusuall name in the city, Jogi Bhadak fall! It falls from around 400- feet high cliff. Also, this is believed to be a romantic spot. Distance from Indore: 57.8 km


5: Patalpani Waterfall - Patalpani fall is known by all of us. It is said that the water falling here goes all the way down to 'Patal'. Distance from Indore: 29.2 km

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6: Gidiya Khoh - This fall is almost 600-feet high, making it the tallest in Indore. You can enjoy picnic, trekking, photography and bathing under the fall with your loved ones. Distance from Indore: 39 km

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7: Hatyari Khoh - This flaunts killer beauty, truly! Another amazing fact about this fall is that you find cacti here, which is usually found in desert. Distance from Indore: 28.7 km

8: Bhairav Kund Falls - This fall is just 4-5 kms away from Gidiya Khoh. There are not much people here and therefore, you can come here peace. Distance from Indore: 42.3 km

9: Sitlamata Waterfall - There are 3 caves at thi site and probably, the fall is named after a deity, Sitla Devi. This is also one of the famous falls near the city. Distance from Indore: 46.6 km

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10: Mohadi Waterfall - Feeling adventurous? Mohadi Fall is the best to visit as it offer not just a scenic beauties but also a good trek experience. Distance from Indore: 25.9 km

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