PHOTOS: Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh During Monsoon

By: Sunanda Singh | June 14, 2024

Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest state in India which is famous for its culture, food, traditions, religious significance and Khajuraho is one of them. The marvelous Temple is UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sanchi Stupa is one of the most famous stupas in India. The Buddhist site is must-visit for those who wants to seek solace.

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Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve, is home to many wildlife animals like Tiger, Leopard, Dhole, Beer and much more. It is one of the best places, especially for animal lovers.

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Mandu is also called as Madavgad. It is known for its forts, monuments and architecture. It is surrounded by hills, valleys and lush greenery which makes it serene to watch.


Indore, also known as Mini Mumbai, is the cleanest city in India. The city offers numerous beautiful places, and Rajwada Palace is one of them.


Madhya Pradesh, renowned for its culture, tradition, food, and tourism, boasts of Panchmarhi as one of its hidden gems. This hill station, nestled amidst the Satpura Ranges and lush greenery, is a unique blend of natural beauty and serenity.


If you want to explore the state, then you should not miss visiting Ujjain. The city has a religious significance in India, as it holds the Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple in its heart. It is one of the 12th Jyotirlingas.