MP Food Startup: Instagram-Inspired, 2 Teens Sell Authentic Turkish Kunafas In Indore That You Cannot Afford To Miss!

By: Harshita Maheshwari | December 09, 2023

How about we get you Turkish Kunafas-- all sweet and creamy, here in Indore! No, you are not dreaming! On the streets of commercial capital Indore, two second-year BBA students Ruhi and Rudransh, have set up a small stall selling authentic Kunafas.

The artistically designed cart is located at Vijay Nagar's Meghdoot Chaupati and remains open all seven days of the week between 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Inspired by the Instagram Reels, Ruhi & Rudransh came thought to offer the city distinctive Kunafas-- which are usually served in Turkish and Middle Eastern countries. They started their research and after few failed attempts, they were successful in creating Kunafas with greater authenticity.

It's only six months ago they started their business. And, today, don't be surprised when you see a huge crowd at their stall.

At the moment, they're selling traditional kunafa, Nutella Kunafa, Blueberry Kunafa, Coconut Kunafa, and Dark Nut Kunafa, starting from Rs 79 only!

At first, Ruhi's family wasn't supportive of her and flatly refused to let her go out on the streets to sell food. She, however, managed to convince them. Together with her friend Rudransh, they started their small cart.

Their small cart received a big response, now generating a handsome and respectable sale of Rs. 15k to 20k every day.

Boyed by the public response, the teen business partners are preparing to open their mother branch, "EXPLOREAT," which is under registration and will be located in one of Indore's posh areas.

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