Mother’s Day 2024: Best Places In Indore To Take Your Mom On A Date

By: Kajal Kumari | May 12, 2024

Happy Mothers Day! To all those graceful nurtures out there.

As it's already a special day for all of us, why not add some sparkle to day by taking out lovely mom's out a date? Here are some date options you may find suitable for you mom.


1. Let's start with trips! There's a hidden gem just 50 kms away from Indore city known as Mahadev Khodra Cave, where resides not only the magnificent nature's beauty, but Mahadev himself. The caves requires trekking down a hill via cemented stairs. Cherry on the cake is, rains are expected this weekend to make your trip more pleasant.

2. All the mom's are fascinated with history somehow! Right? Therefore, the other place you van take your mother to can be palaces and chhatri in Indore. One of the lesser heard one is Hari Rao Holkar Chhatri in PV62+PPG, Chhatribagh, Indore.

Aditi Garg / X

3. Does your Maa like reading too? But forgot about her hobby while`taking care of you? Then please do her a favour and take her to Indore's Mahatma Gandhi Library this mothers day and ask her to start doing her favourite things again.

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4. After so much of exploring, lets plan about food! Why not take our mom's a cafe of her taste. One of the lesser known one is Amigos Cafe at Khajrana Road in Indore. The cafe serves Chinese, Street Food and most importantly, shakes and drinks.

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5. And if you don't wanna take any risk, you can always go for Shreemaya Celebrations. After all, we like not only the taste of Shreemaya but also the ambience it comes with.

Pic by Shreemaya Group Indore

6. Now she must be taken on a Shopping date too! And what can be a better place than Rajwada market? DO NOT forget to bargain with all your heart in support of your mom. Also, Do watch she is buying things for herself rather than household essestials!

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7. You must have seen the alluring flea market beside C21 mall at MR9 square of Indore. Take your lady to the market where she can find everything from clothes, to shoes, to accessories for herself!

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8. And if mumma doesn't wish to out and want to relax at home, introduce her to this new refreshing film and serve her some chai with her favourite snacks. The movie is available on Netfilx and she's going to love it!

Have a happy and beautiful Mother's Day!

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