Indore Street Food Special: From Buttery Pav Bhaji To Rajasthani Dal Baati, 6 Best Spots You Must Try

By: Kajal Kumari | June 25, 2024

Flavoured pani-puri at restaurant or the imli-pudina pani-puri at street side? Burger at a posh place cafes or Pavi-Bhaji at your favourite chaupati? If you too fancy street food more than anything else, here's a list of best food spots in Indore.

1. Madhuram Sandwich: Indore's most favourite and delicious Sandwich spot is Madhuram. They serve Jumbo-Cheese & Mayo Loaded Sandwiches @ 150/plate. Multiple outlets: No.68 Hukumchand Marg, Bharat Marg, Shrung Rishi Market & more.

2. The Kachori House - Run by two friends, The Kachori House serves Kachoris with stuffing like - Aaloo, Lassa, Matar, Moog Dal and even Kachori Chaat. Location: Annapurna Road, Dusshera Maidan, Indore.

3: Bagheli Mohalla - Monsoon's arrival will make us crave for freshly fried Samosas. One of the most liked spot the same is Bagheli Mohalla at Shop no. 7, Lucky Plaza, Ahilya Puri, Indrapuri Colony, Bhanwar Kuwa.

4. Prasidh Kachori Bhandar: Indore youths literally love the Kachoris made by the dear uncle who can seen near Kanch Mandir, Indore. They serve the 'Prasidh Bam Kachori' @ ₹10-15/- only.

5. Rajasthani Daal Bati: Fun Fact: The owner here is a fitness trainer and she sells authentic Dal Baat & Churma at Meghdoot Chaupati. It's a MUST TRY!

6: Shree Balaji Pav Bhaji: For a plate of buttery Pav and falvourful Bhaji, you can head to Ranjeet Chaupati, Near Annapurna Mandir.

So which spot are you going to hit this time??

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