From Viral Samosa To Dreamy Dora Cakes, 7 Unique Dishes To Try At Indore's Meghdoot Chaupati

By: Harshita Maheshwari | May 27, 2024

1. Money Bags - 'Money Bags by Bawarchi' is serving unique and viral Thai Dish, money bags at just Rs 130. The food chain is owned by Masterchef Abhinav Seth himself.

2. London Chocolate Strawberry - Instagram feed is full of viral reels showing Chocolate dipped strawberries on the street of London. Well, you can taste the same at 'Cravings corner' in Indore!

4. Varieties of Samosa - Delhi ka viral samosa is now available in Indore. 'Samosapur' is serving 16+ varieties of Samosa's starting at just Rs 15. Most famous include: Chilli Paneer samosa, Maggi samosa & Chowmine samosa

5. Chocolate Mud pie - 'Classic waffles and Pancakes' serving yummy viral chocolate Kulhad mud pie at just Rs 100.

6. French Fondue - The delicious French Fondue is now available on the streets of Indore also, served by 'Cravings - The Chocolate Queen'.

So what are you trying first?

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