Best Places In Indore To Relish Authentic Turkish Kunafa

By: Harshita Maheshwari | May 18, 2024

Kunafa also known as Knafeh, is a middle eastern dessert made from shredded phyllo dough which is spread onto a pan and stuffed with either cheese or ashta (thickened cream), baked, then drizzled with simple syrup and garnished with pistachios.

The Turkish delicacy gained grounds in Indore when a reel of 2 students selling Kunafa at Meghdoot Chaupati went viral.

1. Kunafas At Meghdoot Chaupati -- The two teens, Ruhi and Rudransh, selling delicious Kunafas in five different flavours at Meghdoot Chaupati. Must try: Dark Nut Kunafa

2. Kunafa Bytes at The Hub, Scheme no 78. serves authentic Kunafa and Baklava-- another Turkish desert.

3. Kunafa at Meghdoot, a young man on Blue cart sells super yum Kunafa’s at an affordable price.

4. Another young girl, who sells Kunafa’s at Meghdoot Chaupati brought a new concept of selling Kulhad Kunafa’s and Boba tea in the market.

5. Another Kunafa place you can find is at the end of Meghdoot Chaupati outside Hotel Marriott.

So, hurry and try out the Turkish bite!

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