7 Best Places In Indore To Enjoy Mouth-Watering Pani Puri (Part 2)

By: Harshita Maheshwari | April 20, 2024

Pani puri has undoubtedly emerged as one of the favourite street snacks in North and Central India. After a successful first edition of best pani puri places in Indore, we get you Part-2...so you get to munch nothing less than the best!

1. Ghanshyam Chaat House in Indore's cloth market is a 45-year-old shop and serves the biggest pani puri in the city.

2. Danka is ultra spicy but loved by many people. Danka serves variety of Pani puri and has multiple outlets in the city at AB Road, Scheme 54 Vijay Nagar and so on.

3. Kushwaha Chaat Center located at Patni Pura Road in Indore offers delicious pani puri, stuffed with matra or ragda as known in Maharashtra.

4. Gwalior Chaat located in Scheme no 54, Infront of London Bubble company, this place serves crispy and spicy pani puri.

5. Shivani Chaat Centre, Meghdoot Chaupati, offers delicious pani puri with spicy and hot stuffing. Must try: Dahi wali pani puri

6. 9 flavoured paani puri, Infront of Mittal Kachori, Scheme 54, serves pani puri in 8 flavours. All the 8 flavours are mind blowing. Must Try: Lahsun & Hajma-Hajam

7. Mr & Mrs. Chatore, Meghdoot Chaupati, here, a couple sells hygienic and tasty pani-puri. They serve both type of puri's made up of Aatta and Suji.

BONUS: A small stall near Chai-Kapi, at Scheme number 54, serves finger-licking panipuri and Dahi papdi.

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