Diwali 2023: 7 Tasty Yet Economic Substitutes Of Soan Papdi You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones

By: Kajal Kumari | November 11, 2023

In India, Soan Papdi has become a Diwali staple. Reasons: It’s reasonable and decent in taste! But, let’s accept that we all are tired of receiving Soan papdi boxes on Diwali and further passing it to relatives to get rid of the boring sweet dish! So, here we get you some substitutes with prices as cheap as Soan papdi, but much better in taste!

1. Well, first in the row is Mohanthal. A sweet dish full of flavours that will melt in your mouth…available at a reasonable price!

2. Other one is Besan Chikki which is also called as Besan Barfi. A beautiful sweet with dry fruits hidden inside that will definitely tempt your taste buds and the price is nearly to that of a box of Soan Papdi!

3. Mysore Pak! One of the most loved and desired sweets in Madhya Pradesh during Diwali. Send them a box and earn big smiles.

4. Boondi ke Laddoo. How can we forget them?? And its taste when each tiny ball of Mootichoor bursts inside your mouth, that too, without burning a hole in your pocket!

5. Gupchup, tasty and economic! The 2-in-one coconut covered sweet which hides a delicious syrup ball inside it...Yummy-licious!

6. What’s better than chocolates and some fresh muffins. The best part is chocolates are available in wide variety across price bands. Pick what suits you!

7. Besan sweets are fab but how about Moong Dal Ki Barfi? Send and See the compliments you will receive!

So, which one of these have you decided to gift-wrap for your loved ones?

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