Best Places To Enjoy Refreshing Cold Coffee In Indore

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 15, 2024

A perfectly flavoured cold coffee in peak summers is no less than an oasis in the desert. So, here is a list of best cold coffee places you must try in Indore!

1. Divine Juice Bar Divine Juice Bar, located at Meghdoot Chaupati, serves thick and creamy cold coffee for just Rs 70. Divine has multiple outlets in Scheme No. 54, Nipani. Must Try: Cold coffee with brownies.

2. Mukki's Cold Coffee at Bhawarkua is another great place to have a chilling cold coffee for just Rs 120.

3. 11:11 coffee at Mahatma Gandhi Road Indore also serves a vast variety of cold coffee. Peaceful ambience is a bonus!

4. Nothing Before Coffee—Known as NBC by Gen Z, this is youngsters' favorite place to hang out with friends. NBC serves brewed coffee in its own unique style. You can also play games while waiting for your order. Location: Metro Tower, Vijay Nagar Must try: Brownie Shrappe. 

5. Absolute coffee brewers: Located at Pu4, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar serves coffee with an aesthetic vibe. Must try: Java Choco Chip Frappe

6. Crazy Coffee -- 6. Crazy Coffee: Craving for a thick, ice cream-based cold coffee? You must visit Crazy Coffee.  Location: Chappan; Scheme No. 54; Vijay Nagar; or Scheme 140.

7. Drip Co.: Speciality Brewers Drip Co., located in Vijay Nagar, serves special-brewed coffees. Their coffees are quite rich in texture.

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