7 Mouth-Watering Winter Delicacies You Must Try In Indore

By: Harshita Maheshwari | January 20, 2024

Winters are the season of cravings, the season of hot and yummy food. Here is a list of delicious food you must try this winter.

1. Garadu is a famous winter dish Indoreans love to relish. Sarafa Chaupati is the ideal place to get it.

2. Who doesn't love Rabdi-Jalebi when the winter is chilling! Must visit Sarafa Chaupati to enjoy this mouth-watering combination.

3. Moong ka Halwa -- To stay healthy and enjoy this winter with finger-licking dessert, must visit Sarafa to eat Moong ka Halwa.

4. Kadaw ka Doodh from Laxmi Narayan Doodhwala at Chhawani or Vikas Rabdi at Ranjeet Hanuman is another satisfying winter delicacy.

5. Craving to eat seasonal Kachori, Wait! Don't get confused, talking about Matar ki kachori. Go to Vijay Chaat House at Chappan and satisfy your hunger.

6. Relish a bowl of Hot Gulab Jamuns not from the sweet shops but from the streets of Sarafa.

7. Imarti -- Another delicious dessert you can have this winter. Try the finger-licking imartis from Ravi Alpahar.

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