World’s first all-transgender K-pop group did THIS shocking thing for fame

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 29, 2023

Lady was a groundbreaking K-Pop group consisting of all-transgender members from South Korea.

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According to an old interview, Inspired by transgender singer Harisu, the four-member group, Sinae, Sahara, and others, considered themselves women with an ‘extra scar’.

They won a spot in the group after competing against over 400 others, showcasing their singing and dancing skills.

In 2005, they debuted with a self-titled album featuring eight tracks, including remixes of their songs ‘Attention’ and ‘Ladies Night’.

Despite gaining attention from the media, they faced limited opportunities to perform due to conservative beliefs in South Korea.

Seeking recognition, they released a controversial photobook called "Women, Reflect!" that featured illicit and fully nude photos with men.

They approached the decision after careful consideration, aiming to be seen as real women and viewing the photos as art. Unfortunately, the photobook did not bring them the success they hoped for, and they disbanded in early 2007.

Their current whereabouts are largely unknown, but it is hoped that they are doing well. You can watch theirmusic video for "Attention" to experience their unique style and talent.

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