BTS V Weverse LIVE: Makguksu cravings & Taekook plans

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 29, 2023

Despite his return from Cannes, Kim Taehyung confessed to still feeling jet-lagged.

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In his recent appearance on Weverse, BTS' V had fans swooning over his adorable hair-flipping and irresistible charm.

When asked about his food cravings, V playfully mentioned his desire for makguksu, a popular Korean dish.

The Taekook ship sailed once again as ARMYs suggested V ask Jungkook to cook makguksu for him, sparking excitement among fans.

Revealing his close bond with Jungkook, Taehyung revealed that they had already made plans to enjoy makguksu together the following day

V further delighted fans by sharing his favorite spot for eating makguksu, a place located in the charming city of Wonju

Displaying his playful side, Taehyung humorously claimed that a mosquito had invaded his room when asked about his sources of inspiration, bringing a lighthearted moment to the interaction.

Expressing his hunger and dedication to his busy schedule, V bid farewell to ARMYs with a sweet smile, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next update.

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