When K-pop band Stray Kids Talked About Their Most Embarrassing On-Stage Moments

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 10, 2023

Stray Kids member once revealed their most embarrassing on-stage moments in ELLE Interview

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Lyrics Mishap- Rapper Han Jisung, fondly known as Han, confessed to a memorable blunder during one of their earliest performances of "I Am You."

Forgetting his lyrics, he resorted to vocalizing random sounds instead of his rap part, an amusing mishap caught on fancam

Choreography gone wrong - Han faced another cringe-worthy incident while performing the choreography for "God's Menu."

The members vividly recalled the moment when he stumbled and fell on stage, leaving everyone in stitches.

Unexpected Slide - Leader Bang Chan humorously admitted to making an error on a particularly slippery stage during a performance.

The slippery surface played its part, leading to an unintentionally amusing moment that even the leader couldn't control.

Wardrobe Malfunction - Both Lee Know and I.N had their fair share of embarrassing encounters, with both members experiencing the unfortunate mishap of ripping their pants while dancing on stage.

Quick thinking saved the day as they tied their jacket around waist to escape from the situation during the first day of their concert in Seoul.

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