When BTS' Jungkook's Views On Marriage SHOCKED The ARMY

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 27, 2023

South Korean band BTS achieves global success with GRAMMY nominations, record-breaking album sales, and sold-out stadium performances. With this, BTS's contract is set to expire in 2027.


The band has obtained a special waiver from the Korean government to postpone their mandatory military service.

Marriage and finding a partner may not be an immediate priority for BTS members due to their dedication to music.

Jungkook, aged 25, has consistently expressed his disinterest in getting married throughout his career.

He once mentioned that he would only consider marrying someone who is unfamiliar with his celebrity status. Fans find this idea unlikely given his worldwide fame.

Speculation suggests Jungkook's young age and shyness around girls could contribute to his reluctance. Jungkook's personal life remains private, and his relationship status is unknown

Jungkook's flirtatious persona has always surprised fans, earning him the playful label of 'international playboy.'

During an Instagram AMA session in 2022, he playfully responded to fans dropping pick-up lines, leaving the ARMY astonished.

He continued showcasing his flirty side during a VLive session just after the Grammys 2022.

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