PHOTOS: Hailey Bieber Wears A Skimpy Green Bikini During Tropical Barbados Vacay

By: Sachin T | January 05, 2024

Hailey Bieber recently shared a series of photos capturing her tropical Barbados getaway where she welcomed the new year.

In the images posted on Thursday on Instagram, Bieber can be seen enjoying the exotic getaway.

Her caption, "2024. I'm along for the ride," accompanied the snapshots.

The initial photo features the Rhode skincare founder donning a long white dress with her hair in a bun, standing on the sandy beach against a backdrop of the setting sun.

The subsequent picture takes on a more casual vibe, portraying Bieber with her hair wrapped in a towel, showcasing her makeup-free face, and revealing a pair of shorts peeping out of her bag as she emerges from the ocean.

The following shots accentuate her physique, with Bieber striking poses in a revealing green bikini and a straw bucket hat. 

One image captures her playfully turned around, presenting a cheeky display of her sun-kissed figure.

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