Lee Dong Wook's secret to maintaining killer abs for shirtless K-Drama scenes Revealed

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 14, 2023

Age-defying Lee Dong Wook sets hearts racing with his envy-inducing abs showcased in popular K-Drama scenes.

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During an appearance on The K-Star Next Door, Lee Dong Wook confesses that going shirtless is a regular part of his acting roles, prompting him to adopt a dedicated approach to body maintenance.

Recognizing the challenges of achieving rapid muscle building and slimming, the actor opted to focus on sustaining his physique to ensure he can flaunt his abs at any time.

Revealing his dedication to fitness, Lee Dong Wook's close friend and fellow actor Kim Bum shared an amusing anecdote of their intense three-hour workout sessions at the gym.

While Lee Dong Wook clarified that he no longer engages in such extensive workouts, the humorous conversation highlights the physical exhaustion they experienced during those days.

Behind the glamorous topless scenes and stunning pictorials, Lee Dong Wook emphasizes the immense effort required to maintain his chiseled abs.

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