Kissable Lips, The Sweet Blood: 10 must-watch vampire K-dramas

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 11, 2023

Love supernatural K-dramas? Want some recommendations on Vampire-themed series? Scroll to next slide!

Vampire Flower (2014) - a centuries-old vampire named Louis and a high school student named Seo-young embark on a journey to retrieve a precious flower, as their unconventional love story unfolds.

Kissable Lips (2022) - Get to witness a sweet yet bloody campus romance between Jun Hoo, whose existence is about to end soon, and a pure blood human, Min Hyun.

The Sweet Blood (2021) - A half-human, half-vampire girl navigates a power struggle among vampires who have replaced human blood with a special vine. As she encounters a high school student with irresistibly sweet blood, she faces a choice between her instincts and her love.

Bite Sisters (2021) - Three vampires posing as sisters, fighting injustice, and falling in love with a human, with potential for growth but a short runtime.

Scholar Who Walks the Night" (2015) - Set in the Joseon era, this drama follows the story of a vampire scholar who falls in love with a noblewoman.

Blood (2015) - A vampire doctor tries to suppress his urge for blood while working at a hospital and falls in love with a human doctor.

Orange Marmalade (2015) - A high school student who is secretly a vampire falls in love with a popular girl, and their relationship faces challenges due to societal prejudices.

The Vampire Detective (2016): This mystery drama revolves around a private detective who becomes a vampire and uses his newfound powers to solve crimes.

Thirst (2009) - The top-ranked vampire K-drama, a dark and gritty horror film with stunning visuals, passionate themes, and a love story, exploring the consequences of a Catholic priest turned vampire.

The Vampire Lives Next Door To Us (2015) - A quirky short film about a lonely vampire and a drowned girl, with comical and terrifying moments

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