Indian K-pop idol-Blackswan member Sriya Lenka on band's return with 'That Karma'

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 23, 2023

The First Indian K-pop Idol, Sriya LEnka, recently spoke on joining the multi-cultural girl group Blackswan and also expressed the excitement regarding their latest album 'That Karma'

The Odia-based K-pop star said, "We feel overjoyed to finally share our hardwork and return with That Karma'

Srya furhter stated that they have put their heart & souls in the album and it will let them grow as a group int the K-pop industry.

Brazillian sub-dancer, sub-vocalist Gabi, also joins Sriya in That Karma.

Nvee Florence Alena Smith from US is main-vocalist and Fatou (Samba Fatou Diouf) as main rapper

The groups's MV 'Karma' has already crossed 1.8 M views on YouTube in four days.

Sriya's last album 'close to me' released one and half years ago and therefore it's their return after a big break.

Sriya was recently introduced as lead vocalist and main dancer of Blackswan group.

No doubt, with her uniqueness, Sriya Lenka brings a fresh and dynamic energy to their girl group.

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