Ideal Type Of BTS' V, Jimin Jungkook & Other Members

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 02, 2023

BTS Boyband has crazy fans worldwide and we know you guys would want to know about the ideal type your favourite member prefers. Check it here:

Group's leader RM likes sexy personality, not just by appearance byt also by brains. He is attracted to someone who is thoughtful and confident.

Jin is into someone with 'puppy-type' personality - kind, caring and takes good care of him.

your beloved Suga doesn't care about looks while looking for a partner. However, he would bond well with someone who loves ,music like him, especially hip-hop.

ARMY's Hobi aka J-Hope wants someone who would love him a lot, has pro cooking skills and is an overthinker like him.

Jimin doesn't have any special demands in this case and only wants soomeone cute and a bit shorter than him. It's kinda simple, isn't it?

Everyone knows how big0time attention stealer Kim Taehyung is & he is damn possesive. He is into someone who only loves him, takes care of him and often has a cute display of affection.

The youngest BTS member, Jungkook is into someone who is shorter than him, can sing good, cooks good and is obviously pretty.

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