Here's How BTS' Jungkook Silenced Trolls Who Criticised Him For Modifying His Body

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 04, 2023

BTS' Jungkook recently surprised fans with a new piercing, creating a buzz on social media.


During a live broadcast, Jungkook revealed exciting details about his upcoming solo release, 'SEVEN,' and shared spoilers of his new project.

Fans expressed curiosity about the new piercing on Jungkook's face, prompting the idol to proudly showcase it. However, some netizens express their disapproval, but Jungkook firmly asserts his autonomy over his body and personal style choices.

Jungkook explained them that he enjoys eye-catching details that add sharpness to his appearance, helping to balance his naturally round facial features.

Jungkook's dedicated fans rally behind him, emphasizing their unwavering support and admiration for the artist in all aspects.

The news of Jungkook's new piercing generates a significant online presence and discussion among fans and netizens worldwide.

As anticipation grows for his solo release SEVEN, Jungkook continues to captivate audiences with his artistic expression and individuality.

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