Did Troye Sivan's Love For A K-pop Star Almost Ruin His Life?

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 28, 2023

Australian singer Troye Sivan faced a dilemma after a distressing experience tied to his love for KPOP star Hyunjin, a member of Stray Kids boyband.


At Versace's 'La Vacanza' fashion show in May, Troye met Hyunjin, sparking admiration for the South Korean idol.

STAYs, Stray Kids' fandom, advised Troye on the best way to reach out to Hyunjin, but online criticism took a toll on him.

During an Apple Music interview, Troye opened up about the distressing situation and the hateful comments he received.

Troye appreciated the support from fans who helped him with his request to connect with Hyunjin.

However, he also revealed that the heavy criticism he received by another section of users on social media, almost took his life.

Troye Sivan vowed to keep his love for KPOP stars private after the negative experience he faced.

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