Celeb-Inspired Fashion Ideas To Ace Winter Style

By: Sachin T | December 24, 2023

Winter fashion often involves layering to stay warm. In fact, it is a playground for creativity and style. Here are some specific fashion ideas, inspired by some Bollywood celebrities, to ace your winter style

Malaika Arora served winter fashion inspiration in a trendy sweatshirt set which is perfect for the season

You can also opt for a bold-coloured or patterned coat to make a statement while keeping warm

While denim jackets are versatile, consider adding denim jeans or shirts with cap to your winter wardrobe

Stay cozy and chic with trendy hoodies. You can pair them with jeans and sneakers

A velvet coat can be a luxurious and stylish choice for winter, adding texture and sophistication to your cold-weather wardrobe

You can also pair your tank top, crop top or t-shirt with a with simple jackets for milder winter days. They come in various materials and can be paired with jeans or casual pants

Just like Deepika Padukone, you can also opt for a turtleneck with half jacket that will provide a provide a glamorous and cozy option for winter

Trench coats for men are timeless and work well for milder winter weather. They are typically water-resistant and can be dressed up or down

You can also keep your bottom half warm with denim jeans or thermal leggings. Complete the overall with hoodies, for a casual and laid-back style

Pullovers and self-design sweaters are cozy and comfortable, making them a popular choice for winter. You can wear them with jeans for a casual look or with trousers for a more polished appearance

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