BTS V's Magical Disneyland Adventure: See Photos

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 16, 2023

BTS member V recently treated fans with captivating photos & a clip from his recent trip to Disneyland Paris.


V's Disneyland adventure included his team and Peter Utz, head director of couture and events at Celine.

Monochrome polaroid shots and close-ups of V captured the essence of his Paris visit.

V and his companions don matching Disney headgear and sweatshirts while exploring the theme park.

Highlights of V's trip include a meeting with Peter at an eatery and witnessing the mesmerizing Disneyland fireworks.

The Celine fashion show in Paris featured V and fellow Korean celeb Park Bo Gum, but was later canceled due to local protests.

BTS is currently on hiatus, with members pursuing solo careers and serving in the military individually.

Kim Taehyung's solo debut is highly anticipated, with rumors of an upcoming album and the release of his song "Maybe" during a live session with BTS ARMY.

Internet s so in lve looking at this photos of World's Hottest man Kim Taehyung.

Another glimpse of Disney land V gave us.

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