BTS' Save Me to Twice's Go Hard: 9 Underrated K-pop tracks that need your attention

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 03, 2023

Discover some hidden gems from popular K-pop groups that you might have missed. Here are 9 underrated K-pop songs that you must definitely listen once:


BTS's classic track "Save ME" from 2016 , a foundation for their popular B-side "I'm Fine," featuring catchy vocals, stunning choreography, and flawless rap verses

SEVENTEEN unit BSS's energetic release "Just do it" from 2018 which remains as lively and quirky as the trio themselves, pleasing both new and seasoned fans.

STAYC's "LIKE THIS" with their strong vocals and smooth rap, complemented by a light melody that adds a unique touch to the track.

ATEEz's powerful vocals have been showcased in the emotional ballad "MIST," proving their versatility beyond their intense stage performances.

TXT's "Can't We Just Leave The Monster Alive?" is a bright and energetic song with a deeper message, gaining traction during their world tour.

ITZY's "365" from their album "Checkmate" is a departure from bubblegum pop, delivering a heavy beat and electro-pop sound with their unique touch.

Red Velvet surprises fans with "On A Ride," a B-side from their latest album that captures the group's quirky and fun essence.

Stray Kids' acoustic gem "Mixtape: OH" showcases their sweet vocals and rhythmic rap sections, offering a refreshing sound from the group.

(G)I-DLE's throwback track "Uh-Oh" brings a '90s hip-hop groove that's still as good as it was four years ago, evoking nostalgia for longtime fans.

TWICE's "GO HARD" is a certified banger with an addictive beat and sultry vocals, gaining popularity through their world tour.

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