BTS' RM, Suga & Other Fastest Rappers In K-pop Industry

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 19, 2023

K-pop hgave birth to several talented rappers in the industry. Let’s have a look at some fasters rappers who are known for their rapid fire delivery when it comes to rapping:

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Outsider - 24sps: Ranked as one of the fastest rappers globally, Outsider attempted a world record by achieving an impressive 24 syllables per second (SPS) in his song "Loner." He holds the title of the fastest K-Pop rapper.

Changbin (Stray Kids) - 11.13sps: Changbin gained viral attention among K-Pop fans during his appearance on the survival show "Stray Kids." He showcased his lightning-fast rap skills by spitting out an impressive 11.13 SPS, solidifying himself as one of the fastest K-Pop idol rappers.

Zico (Block B) and Flowsik - 10.13sps: In 2011, Zico showcased his rapid rapping abilities by achieving 10.13 SPS in the song "Cocks," sharing the same record with Flowsik.

Zelo (B.A.P) - 10.12sps: Zelo wowed fans with his rap speed, achieving an impressive 10.12 SPS in B.A.P's debut song "Warrior."

Suga (BTS) - 9.83sps: Suga showcased his rap prowess in BTS's "Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych," impressively rapping at a speed of 9.83 SPS.

T.O.P (BIGBANG) - 9.40sps: T.O.P exhibited his rapid-fire rapping in his solo track "DOOM DADA," captivating listeners with a speed of 9.40 SPS.

RM (BTS) - 9.24sps: In his solo song "Joke," RM displayed his rap speed, delivering an impressive 9.24 SPS, solidifying his place in the rap game.

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