BTS Members & Their Iconic Tattoos: A Closer Look At The Inked Symbolism

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 10, 2023

BTS members are known for their love of tattoos, with each member having unique designs that hold personal significance. Besides this, all BTS members proudly sport a friendship tattoo of the number '7', symbolizing their bond and unity.

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RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jung Kook, and Jin all have variations of the '7' tattoo in different locations on their bodies. Interestingly, altogether it forms BTS.

Jimin has a collection of tattoos, including 'NEVERMIND' on his right side, which started as a temporary design but became permanent.

Another tattoo is the number '13' on the inside of his wrist, possibly representing BTS' debut date or his own birthday.

Jimin also has tattoos that say 'young' and 'forever' near his elbows, inspired by BTS' track "Young Forever".

A series of moon tattoos in distinct phases can be seen on the back of Jimin's neck, which he revealed during the promotion of his solo album FACE.

J-Hope has a single tattoo, the friendship tattoo of '7', placed above his Achilles tendon, symbolizing the importance of ARMY as the band's driving force. V's Tattoo:

V also as a minimalistic approach to tattoos and only has the friendship tattoo of '7' on his leg, above his knee.

Jin proudly displays the '7' tattoo on his waist, as seen in a shirtless picture shared with fans.

Suga has a friendship tattoo, but he hasn't revealed it to the public yet. Fans discovered the '7' tattoo on his neck through one of his Instagram posts.

RM also has the '7' tattoo, positioned above his ankle. He shared his tattoo experience during a live session, mentioning it took only two minutes to get the simple design.

Jung Kook has an extensive tattoo collection. He has 'ARMY' and a purple heart tattooed on the back of his palm as a tribute to BTS' loyal fanbase.

His forearm tattoos include significant dates, quotes, a tiger lily representing his birth flower, and a microphone symbolizing his passion for singing.

Notable tattoos on Jung Kook's elbow include the Chinese words for "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" and a design inspired by the traditional Korean painting technique called dancheong.

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