BTS' Jungkook said THIS about his military enlistment in recent livestream

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 25, 2023

BTS' Jungkook addressed his military obligations during a recent livestream, engaging with fans' comments.


He acknowledged the military's support, affirming the truth behind the statement made by a fan during the livestream.

Jungkook also mentioned fellow member J-Hope, who recently completed his training and shared a selfie on the group chat.

Describing J-Hope's eyes as "manly" after the training ceremony, Jungkook highlighted the changes he observed.

Discussing his own future enlistment, Jungkook assured fans that he would fulfill his military duties and return gracefully.

Jungkook revealed his plan to gradually cut his hair shorter, employing a technique he called "hair-lighting" to make the transition appear natural.

Soon 'JUNGKOOK LIVE' started trending worldwide.

No official schedule has been announced for Jungkook's enlistment, while current members Jin and J-Hope are already serving in the military

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