BTS’ Jungkook - Charlie Puth To Reunite For Another Stage Performance?

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 24, 2023

Charlie Puth and BTS' Jungkook formed an unforgettable singing duo with their track "Left and Right" last year, breaking records and showcasing their immense popularity.


The American Singer-song writer recently expressed gratitude to fans on Twitter, commemorating the one-year anniversary of "Left and Right" and sparking speculations about a potential live performance with Jungkook.

When a fan asked about his next collab with BTS’ Jungkook, Charlie Puth hinted at the possibility of reuniting with Jungkook during his world tour, suggesting that it may happen during one of his South Korea dates.

Jungkook began his musical journey with BTS in 2013 and his collaboration with Puth marked the start of his individual career.

Last year, BTS members announced a temporary hiatus to fulfill their mandatory military service, with Jin and J-Hope being the first to enlist.

During this time, Jungkook ventured into his solo career, partnering with Charlie Puth for 'Left and Right'.

The song achieved great success on Spotify and various charts.

Do you want to see them teaming up once again for another stage performance?

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