BTS Jungkook and other K-pop idols who received death threats for ridiculous reasons

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 19, 2023

Recently, BTS’ Jungkook received death threat from a social media user after he slammed him for sending food, warning of strict action.

The user posted a gun and wrote, “I will kill you.” Look at some other K-pop idols who received death threats for silly reasons.

BigBang’s G-Dragon received death threats after he asjked suga what the phrase on his shirt means. Suga, who was himself clueless gave a confused look.

At that time many Suga fans even threatened the K-pop idol of breaking his legs.

Everyone is aware of fun-loving nature of BTS’ leader RM.

It’s weird to say but he received death threat for joking with his band members. Ridiculous, right?

BTS’ Jimin also received death threats in the past for nothing.

An anonymous user claimed he will kill Jimin when the K-pop star was in Texas in the year 2018.

Yeri, the 5th member of girl group Red Velvet faced immense hatred to joining the group later and she even received death threats for the same.

Apart from that, she posted her cover of Roy Kim’s Song in 2018. She received several death threats from BTS fangirls who claimed that she is trying to seduce Jungkook, as he also shared his cover of same song, few days ago.

Blackpink’s Lisa was also targetted for unknown reasons, probably by antifans.

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