BLACKPINK to SEVENTEEN: 10 most unique K-pop groups ever

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 10, 2023

There are several K-pop groups in South Korea. But, here are some unique K-pop bands that you probably not know

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SEVENTEEN - This group has not one, two, but three leaders

KARD - the mixed gender group where both boys and girls are teamed up together in one K-pop band

MMD Mamadol - Only group where all members are mothers

Blackswan: This is the only group which debuted African/ black member and a brazillian member

Eternity: Unreal! The only group where all members deeply fake and generated by AI

TWICE - The first group that brought Japanese members in the industry. Momo , Sana and Mina are not korean but Japanese instead

TXT - The group where each member has no position

Blackpink - Jennie, Lisa , Jisoo, Rose - Nobody is leading the group

NCT - This group surprisingly has 22 members

Lady: Every member in this K-pop group is transgender

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