Bigg Boss OTT 2: Highlights From The Premiere Episode

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 18, 2023

Bigg Boss is OTT 2 has finally arrived with Salman Khan as host. Check out the key highlights from the premiere episode-

Salman Khan kick-starts the brand-new season of Bigg Boss OTT with a spectacular performance on Kick Song ‘Hangover’.

Dibang, Ajay Jadeja, Sunny Leone, MC Stan, and Sandeep Sikand join as panelists to question the contestants before they enter the house.

Falaq Naaz, sister of actor Sheezan Khan, enters the house as the first contestant, accompanied by a powerful intro.

The introduction of a unique currency system adds a never-before-seen twist to the show, shaping the dynamics of the game.

Jiya Shankar delivers a stunning performance and shares a fun banter with Salman Khan.

Popular YouTuber Abhishek Malhan enters the house and takes a dig at Jiya, leading to a change in their rankings.

TV actress Akanksha Puri gives a sizzling performance, while panelists call her "flawless" and hold her position for entry into the house.

Cyrus Broacha entertains the audience with a lively performance before entering the Bigg Boss house.

TikTok star Manisha Rani showcases her talent and calls Salman Khan Bihar's "Jijaji."

Aaliya Siddiqui opens up about her divorce and new relationship, facing questions from the panelists.

Janardan Swami and his daughter Bebika share their thoughts on the other contestants, leading to Bebika being put on hold.

TV actor Avinash Sachdev lights up the stage with his powerful presence and energetic performance.

Salman Khan reprimands Palak Purswani for violating the rules, and Bebika and Aaliya enter the house together.

Puneet Superstar shares his intention to be true to himself on the show, facing criticism from MC Stan and a drop in his ranking.

Pooja Bhatt surprises the audience as the final contestant of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2.

Puneet Superstar's unconventional behavior raises eyebrows, leading to disbelief from Avinash.

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