After SEVEN, Two More Surprises Await BTS' Jungkook Fans?

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 01, 2023

BTS member Jungkook is set to release his first solo single titled "Seven" on July 14, according to an announcement by BIGHIT Music on June 30.


During a recent surprise Weverse livestream, Jungkook shared his excitement about the upcoming track, describing it as "great" and urging fans to look forward to it.

He revealed that "Seven" will showcase new colors and musicality that he hasn't shown before to his fans. But wait, are there two more surprises waiting for the ARMY?

The singer also gave two major spoilers during the live stream.

Jungkook told fans that the single is not the only release he has planned. He is currently working on a solo album and is excited to share it in the future.

Additionally, Jungkook confirmed that "Seven" will have a music video, which has already been filmed.

Fans noticed that when Jungkook read a comment about a fan's father's birthday being on July 14, he jokingly mentioned giving them a shoutout from "the stage," leading to speculation of another surprise.

Despite fans' anticipation, Jungkook refrained from revealing more spoilers, joking that the HYBE employees monitoring the live stream wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Seven" is described as an invigorating summer song that fully showcases Jungkook's charm. It has already generated significant buzz on social media, claiming top trending spots on Twitter.

The single will be released on July 14 at 1 pm KST

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