These Are 10 Queer Friendly College Campuses Across India

By: FPJ Education Desk | October 18, 2023

Jadavpur University: JU's VIBGYOR event is for LGBTQ+ community. Apart from this there are gender neutral toilet at the campuses.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay: IIT-B' has a page on Facebook 'Saathi'. The Institute also organised innovative quiz competition "Queeriosity"

IIT Delhi has a Facebook page "Indradhanu". The institute also organised Indradhanu Union Debate on the question of Marriage Equality.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM)- Bangalore has a Facebook page, "QUEst". On same sex marriage, the institute brings equality and inclusion of LGBTQ+ community in society through "QUEriosity" event.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai has a group "TISS Queer Collective" in support of the LGBTQ community.

Hansraj College has Gender Equality Cell for Gender Inclusivity.

Miranda House has Queer Collective page on Facebook and Instagram to support all genders.

Jawaharlal Nehru University: Hasratein - A Queer Collective by the students in varsity organizes various events to support the community.

Hindu College has a Queer Collective (HCQC) in support of LGBTQ+ resource cell of Hindu College.

IIT Gandhinagar has a special cell in support of the LGBT Group, Gender and Sexuality Studies, "Orenda."

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