5 Books That Capture School Life

By: FPJ Education Desk | November 28, 2023

Carrie: Little Carrie is bullied a lot at school and lives with her mother, an extreme religious figure. During her prom, she also possesses telekinesis abilities that are just ready to explode and cause mass killings.

The Outsiders: A 14-year-old boy's life is depicted in The Outsiders for approximately two weeks. The narrative of the book centers on Ponyboy Curtis and his battles with morality in a world where he feels alienated.

Fun fact - S.E. Hilton was only 16 when she wrote the book!

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: This is an investigation of how individualism and group dynamics create a chaotic battleground of power conflicts that can give rise to fascist inclinations. It is also a story about fixation and obedience. It takes a harsh look at the cliché of inspirational personalities. Think - Dead Poet's Society meets a girl's prep school

The Secret History: A group of astute, eccentric misfits at a prestigious New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is very different from the mundane lives of their peers thanks to the influence of their charming classics professor.

The Secret History is a murder mystery without the whodunit element, but it is also an intellectual novel of ideas. With its peculiar blend of prim and proper intellectuals and snobby cokeheads, Tartt's portrayal of life at a small, elite university in New England is shocking and hilarious in equal measure.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: Charlie is a classic wallflower, an outsider. Because he experiences bullying at school, he would rather walk forty minutes home than use the bus. It's an engaging read, written as a series of letters from Charlie to an unidentified recipient.

The book captures the transition from teenage and adulthood - the trials and tribulations that change encompasses.

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