Remember Me? OpenAI Tests A New Memory Feature For ChatGPT To Let AI Recollect Past Conversations

By: Juviraj Anchil | February 15, 2024

OpenAI is currently testing a new feature for its generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant, ChatGPT, which aims to enhance conversational fluidity.

The AI firm is rolling out an update this week that will incorporate long-term memory capabilities for the consequential chatbot.

This crucial update brings new memory upgrade, that will make future conversations more helpful and save users the trouble of repeating information in every new conversation.

The company emphasizes that users will have complete control over what ChatGPT remembers and what it does not, ensuring privacy and customization according to individual preferences.

With this feature, users can instruct the AI assistant to remember various preferences, such as their preferred essay length, writing style, workplace, or business ownership status, allowing for personalized and efficient interactions.

To turn memory off, users can go to Settings > Personalisation > Memory, and toggle it off. While memory is off, ChatGPT will not create or use memory.

Furthermore, OpenAI is actively taking measures to evaluate and alleviate biases within its systems. It is also moving away from retaining sensitive information, such as health details.

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