Italian Masterpiece: Ferrari Unveils Ferrari 12 Cilindri Spider

By: Vikrant Durgale | May 18, 2024

The Ferrari 12Cilindri's geometry is dominated by clean lines, which highlight the volumes that combine to form a fluidly connected unity.

all of the lines are the outcome of where the volumes intersect, and a more practical approach to form has been chosen rather than one that embraces nostalgia.

From a dihedral section, the immaculate flanks sweep back along the entire car. The wings of the Ferrari 12Cilindri have been sculpted with extraordinary geometric precision;

The legendary naturally-aspirated V12 engine from Maranello powers the Ferrari 12Cilindri. This version has an 830 horsepower maximum engine speed of 9500 rpm.

The vehicle has the capacitive steering wheel, which is standard on all of the newest models in the lineup and has indented buttons for user-friendliness.

A cleverly tasteful shift in color and material highlights the two volumes that are divided by the dash's body.

The Ferrari 12Cilindri now has aerodynamic load-generating flaps on the back that allow for two distinct configurations: Low Drag (LD) and High Downforce (HD).

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