Driverless Future Is Here: Amazon's Zoox Shuttle Hits Street in California

By: G R Mukesh | July 01, 2024

Drive time for the entire day. Zoox vehicles are powered by a 133 kWh battery that allows them to drive continuously.

The shuttle has a top speed of 75 mph

Additionally, Zoox claims that a special airbag system provides "five-star crash safety protections" for all four passengers.

The all-electric self-driving car can accommodate four passengers and requires no driver intervention.

The Level 5 autonomous car, which can manage driving conditions independently and lacks a driver or controls,

The company claims to be able to see almost 500 feet in all directions and to have 360 degrees of overlapping views.

The shuttle is 142.9 inches long, which places it roughly halfway between a Smart Fortwo and a Toyota Corolla.

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