Bend It Like Moto: Motorola Showcases Its 'Bendable'

By: Juviraj Anchil | February 28, 2024

Motorola's concept of a wearable phone involves a flexible display that enables the smartphone to transition into a hybrid device, combining features of both a smartphone and a smartwatch.

The phone boasts of a 6.9-inch screen coupled with a bendable, woven-fabric back material.

The bendable phone is a wristband that magnetically attaches to it using magnets.

Motorola has addressed the bendability challenge by incorporating multiple slim batteries positioned horizontally across the back of the Adaptive Display.

This is not a first, as Motorola had initially showcased an earlier version of the device, way back in 2016.

Samsung also showcased its own 'Cling Band' at the MWC, Barcelona.

The commercial pricing of the device is yet to be disclosed, meanwhile, Samsung is selling its foldable at a whopping Rs 1,54,999.

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