Top 7 Places In Bhopal To Enjoy Delicious Mutton This Bakra-Eid

By: Harshita Rawat | June 17, 2024

In Bhopal, Bakra-Eid was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Bhopal Idgah, where people came together to offer prayers and share the joy of the occasion. It's also a time when families indulge in cooking and enjoying various mutton delicacies. However, if you wish to celebrate outside, here are the 7 best places to enjoy tasty mutton in Bhopal!

1. Tawa Mutton At Veera di Hatti, located in Bittan Market, their tawa mutton is a must-try, cooked to perfection on a flat grill with spices.

2. Mutton Rogan Josh At Ranjeet Lakeview, don't miss their flavorful mutton rogan josh, a rich and aromatic curry that's a true delight.

3. Mutton Seekh Kabab At Sayaji, located in Prempura, try the mouth-watering mutton seekh kebab, a perfect blend of spices and juicy meat.

4. Mutton Champaran At Anghiti, located in TT Nagar, enjoy the unique taste of Bihar's Mutton Champaran, slow-cooked in traditional clay pots for that authentic flavor.

5. Spicy Mutton At Khan Sahab, located at Peer Gate, spice up your meal with their spicy mutton, a dish that's both hot and delicious.

6. Mutton Saag At Jehnuma Palace Hotel, their mutton saag is a classic, combining tender mutton with creamy spinach for a hearty dish.

7. Mutton Roast At Lazeez Hakeem, located in MP Nagar Zone 1, the mutton roast here is simply divine, with perfectly roasted meat that's bursting with flavor.

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