Meet 67-Year-Old Bhopal Man Who Runs 6Km Daily While Dribbling Shuttelcock (WATCH)

By: Harshita Rawat | May 25, 2024

Meet Anil Kumar Shrikrishna Nagaich, a 67-year-old dedicated fitness enthusiast from Bhopal. He runs daily from Savarkar Setu to Capital Mall on Hoshangabad Road, simultaneously playing badminton along the 6km-long track.

He has even run a marathon with actor-model Milind Soman.

Nagaich believes in maintaining health through regular exercise rather than spending money on gyms, encouraging people to do household chores and incorporate walking and running into their routines.

He moved to Bhopal in 2008 and started his running practice in 2017, now running 400 to 700 meters non-stop every day.

He follows a strict diet of pure, vegetarian, home-cooked food, avoiding garlic and onions, and eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, which has kept him medication-free for over twenty years, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A multi-talented Nagaich, holds several certificates in badminton, chess, volleyball, pole jumping, music, and calligraphy.

He dreams of building affordable housing for the poor with government support and providing low-cost housing to those living in rented accommodations.

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