IND VS NZ Semi Final: 7 Best Places In Bhopal To Enjoy The High-Intensity Cricket Clash With Friends & Drinks

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 15, 2023

1. TDS club in Bhopal will be the ultimate hub for cricket buffs, where fans will analyze every move, enjoy the spirited crowd, and sip on cold beers during the intense semi-final match

2. Molecule: Cheer 'Howzzattt' on Siraj's powerful balling as you enjoy some chicken wings and paneer tikkas!

3. In the CozmoZ, the cosmic cricket energy will peak in the afternoon as patrons can gather to share the excitement and cheer for Team India in the semi-final showdown

House 230: What's better than watching high-voltage match, near a poolside with bunch of friends!

4. Amidst the rustle of excitement, Tree Chapter will host a spirited gathering as fans unite for the India vs New Zealand semi-final, starting at 2

5. The Sip Stories will narrate tales of excitement as patrons can sip on their favorite beverages, savoring every thrilling moment of the India vs New Zealand semi-final

6. Coffe Cafe is set to buzz with cricket chatter and the aroma of freshly brewed excitement as fans can gather for the highly anticipated India vs New Zealand semi-final

7. 'Bottoms Up' elevated the spirits, creating a lively atmosphere where patrons cans raise their glasses to India's triumphs on the cricket field.

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