Diwali 2023: From Colourful Lights To Dazzling Torans & Pearl Diyas, Bhopal Markets Buzz With Home Decoration Variety

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 10, 2023

New Market in Bhopal is bustling with vibrant energy as crowd throng shops for festive shopping.

This Diwali, variety of diyas-- some studded with pearls, others laced with shiny ribbons, were seen in New Market. Crafted with care, each decorated diya in the market kindles the spirit of Diwali, lighting up hearts with timeless tradition and festive warmth

Luminous and vibrant, the lanterns on display at Bhopal's 10 No. Market are in huge demand as large number of shoppers buy home decoration items.

The vibrant market at 10 No. also witnessed the essence of tradition as people adorned their homes with Laxmi Murtis, a symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness during the Diwali celebrations

As the colorful allure of Jhaalars and festive delights brighten the markets, the celebratory spirit of Diwali glows in every corner of Bhopal from New Market to 10number and Bairagarh, reflecting the vibrant essence of this cherished festival

At Gauhar Mahal in Bhopal, the Diwali Mela dazzled visitors with an exquisite exhibition showcasing a splendid array of vibrant sarees, for the big occasion.

The exhibition also featured an assortment of stunning decorational items, adding a touch of festive charm to the Diwali Mela

In Bhopal's TT Nagar Market, women add sparkle to Diwali celebrations as they shop for exquisite jewelry, embracing the festive spirit with grace and style

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