Bhopal Metro: Check Routes, Main Stops & Other Facilities

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 03, 2023

1. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan flagged off Bhopal Metro Train as it headed for its final trial on Tuesday (October 3).

2. The final trial was held between Subhash Nagar depot to Rani Kamlapati, with CM Shivraj on board.

3. Bhopal Metro will have two lines-- Orange Line and Blue Line.

4. The Orange Line will run between AIIMS and Karond Square, covering a distance of 16km. The route will include main stops like Board Office, Rani Kamlapati, Prabhat Square and Bhopal station.

5. The Blue Line will run between Bhadbhada Square to Ratnagiri Square-- a 13km stretch. This will cover stops like Jawahar Chowk and JK Road.

6. Metro services will be available every 2 minutes for efficient travel.

7. Automated Entry & Exit Doors for effortless boarding and disembarking.

8.The metro stations will be equipped with solar panels to minimise electricity consumption.

9. Enquiry and customer support centers at every metro station for passenger assistance.

10. The CM even hinted at expanding the metro network to Vidisha and Sehore, if required.

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