Best Dhabas To Visit In Bhopal For Some Finger-Licking Desi Food

By: Harshita Maheshwari | March 20, 2024

Are you craving to eat delicious, spicy desi food. We have compiled a list of dhabas you can stop at during your long-drive and relish some finger-licking food!

1. Mana Dhaba located at Raisen Road gives you full Punjabi dhaba vibes, as they serve mouth-watering meals on Khatiya (jute-wood bed), under the stars. Must try: Kaju Curry

2. Vrindavan Dhaba: The place offers delicious dhaba style food in a restaurant-like sitting, making it perfect to visit with family. Location: Opposite Ashima Mall, Hoshangabad Road, now named as Narmadapuram Road.

3. Krishna Dhaba located at Bhopal-Indore road, offers a wide variety of desi food at affordable prices.

4. Sakshi Dhaba located at Bhadbhada road is a place with great ambience. Must try: Butter paneer masala

5. Rangla Punjab Dhaba, Kurana has plenty of options in their menu in both veg and non-veg cuisine. Wanna hang out with your friends late night, this is the place! Must Try: Butter Chicken

6. Vidhi Dhaba, located at Airport road, offers great variety of Indian and desi Chinese food. Must Try: Dal Tadka, Special Kheer

Next time, when you take a long drive with your friends or family, don't forget to try out these spots!

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