6 Best Soups In Bhopal You Must Try This Winter

By: Harshita Rawat | December 09, 2023

Warm up your winter days with a delightful tour of Bhopal's best soups, with each spoonful bringing cozy joy to beat the cold

1. Giant Panda's soul-soothing Thukpa, a Tibetan delight that brings together rich broth, noodles, and vegetables, promising a bowl full of comfort and satisfaction.

2. Indulge in La Kuchina's Minestrone soup—a comforting bowl filled with fresh veggies and herbs

3. Enjoy the delicious Hot n Sour soup at Sagar Gaire, a flavorful mix that perfectly balances bold taste.

4. Ranjeet Hotel's Tomato Shorba is a burst of flavor, blending the sweetness of ripe tomatoes with aromatic spices

5. If you are non-vegetarian, then do try this Paaya Soup at Hakeem's, a nourishing broth made by slow-cooking lamb trotters.

6. Sagar Gaire, also known as cycle soup wala, is famous for its classic tomato soup in Bhopal. Don't miss this!

From Minestrone's wholesomeness to Hot n Sour's fiery kick and tomato shorba's richness, savor the delightful flavors this winters!

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