US President Donald Trump (R) Democratic Presidential candidate, former US Vice President Joe Biden and moderator
US President Donald Trump (R) Democratic Presidential candidate, former US Vice President Joe Biden and moderator

Americans of Asian, African and Hispanic descent are projected to overwhelmingly vote for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden while Whites are favouring President Trump by a thin margin, according to a preliminary data of voters.

The 2020 Cooperative Election Study of over 71,000 online respondents from late September through October end found that 51 per cent of all likely voters favour Biden while 43 per cent support Trump.

Biden was the preferred choice among voters aged 18-29 and 30-44 while 53 per cent of voters aged 65 years and more favoured Trump.

Classifying voters by race and ethnicity, the survey said that 65 per cent of Asian-Americans support Biden while only 28 per cent support Trump.

An overwhelming 86 per cent of Black voters voiced support for Biden as opposed to only 9 per cent for Trump. Hispanic voters prefer Biden (59 per cent) than Trump (35 per cent). Among white voters, the margin is very thin as 49 per cent voters support Trump while 45 per cent favour Biden.

More women have voiced support for Biden (55 per cent) than Trump (39 per cent) while both the leaders enjoy almost same support among male voters - 47 per cent for Biden and 48 per cent for Trump.

Whites with no college degree (57 per cent) support Trump while 38 per cent in the demographic favour Biden, the survey said, while among the whites with college degree 58 per cent voters favour Biden as opposed to 36 per cent for Trump.

The survey also found that Biden is overwhelmingly supported by voters who were currently unemployed, knew someone who had COVID-19 and had been laid off within the past year.

Biden had the support of 95 per cent of voters who had cast ballots for Hillary Clinton in 2016, while Trump still seems to have the support of 90 per cent of his supporters from four years ago. In the income groups of under USD 40,000, USD 40,000-USD 100,000 and over USD 100,000, voters favoured Biden over Trump.

The study has been conducted since 2006 by a group of university researchers spearheaded by Harvard.

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